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Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment in Roanokeback pain

If you’re looking for back pain relief in Roanoke, our chiropractor Dr. Joshua Rhodes and his team at Performance Healthcare can help you get relief without prescription medications. We offer a variety of non-invasive techniques to alleviate pain caused by auto injuries, work injuries, sports injuries, spinal conditions, herniated disc, sciatic nerve pain, repetitious movement injuries, carpal tunnel and much more. Our state-of-the art facilities and equipment allow us to customize just the right back pain treatment program for each patient’s areas of concern.

Treatments for Back Pain Relief in Roanoke

Before beginning recommending a course of treatment, our chiropractor in Roanoke will discuss your medical history and talk to you about your areas of concern. They’ll then give you a comprehensive evaluation which may include X-rays and a physical exam to evaluate your range of motion. Dr. Rhodes may also have you perform specific tasks to observe your posture and balance. These procedures help him identify any spinal abnormalities, degenerating or herniated discs and postural issues that often source lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain. Courses of treatment we offer include the following.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments involve gentle, manual manipulations of the spine and neck to get them back into proper alignment. Misalignments can pinch nerves, cause poor posture, reduce your range of motion and increase pain.

Graston Technique

Using specialized tools, Dr. Rhodes can identify trigger points and scar tissue that can source pain. These tools are utilized to apply a deep tissue massage technique to break up scar tissue and relieve muscles to lessen your pain.

Electrical Stimulation

These tools apply small currents to injured areas and their sources to relieve pain and promote healing.

Activator Methods

Using a small tool, the chiropractor can target areas of tightness and misaligned or herniated discs to alleviate pain and scar tissue buildup.

Kinesiology Taping

This pain-relieving tape helps support the back, emits a warming sensation and helps injuries heal faster.

We also offer nutritional counseling and advice concerning strengthening exercises that can relieve your pain, promote healing and prevent future injury.

Get Relief Today at Your Roanoke Chiropractor

Regardless of the source or level of your back pain, our Roanoke chiropractor can help. Call Performance Healthcare at (540) 524-2550 for relief. Don't delay, call us today!

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We have a 5 star patient satisfaction rating

  • "Years of pain, all gone! Expect amazing things... this is where you'll find them"
    Pam B.
  • "Dr. Josh and staff are courteous and fun, but most importantly always looking out for my health"
    -Tabby M.
  • "Dr. Josh will work with you until you make a comeback!! Highly recommend"
    -Belinda B.
  • "Because of my treatments, I can exercises without back pain for the first time in 2 years! Dr.Josh is on a higher level than any chiropractor in the area."
    Elicia C.
  • "I have my life back and am pain free thanks to Dr Josh and Peak Performance"
    - Henry K

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